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It is but very natural and spontaneous for all of us to get amazed and perplexed over the use of the term ‘VIMARSH’ for this program and very probably most of us may have been apprehending it in an individual and personal sense and also all of us would be keen and curious enough right now to know about as to what does the term ‘VIMARSH’ literally or otherwise connotes and above all as to why the college has selected this particular term for the program. So it is our privilege to make ourselves understood before proceeding further with the program as to what does the term ‘VIMARSH’ actually implies here in the present context. 

In fact, the term ‘VIMARSH’ is a symbolic and composite term devised, chosen and adopted by the college as a common platform like a prism out of which multi-coloured beams of light emit. Ostensibly speaking, ‘VIMARSH’ is also a prism like platform through which the college will make and continue to establish it’s personal identity, expression, representation and recognition in every walks of life and various academic and cultural activities henceforth.