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The College is blessed with good and best laboratories with sophisticated modern equipments and fine techniques.

Computer Lab:
Computer Labs with sophisticated high class computers with advanced techniques and internet facilities are available to the students.  We have a well furnished air-conditioned computer lab with network facility for the latest microprocessor based computers.  Additional facilities like Laser Printer, Scanner are also available in the computer lab. Broadband internet connection is available in the lab and the students are encouraged to utilize the lab facilities to the maximum.  The Lab also provides many hardware and software platforms to enable the students to develop their skills for interfacing the challenging task of the Hi-Tech world.  
Psychology Lab:
The College has a well equipped Psychology Lab with all the latest psychological tests and the latest equipments to study total human behaviour and to provide guidance and counselling services.  The students are required to perform all the tests in the laboratory which helps then in acquainting to the proper utilization of the test material and, this educates them to abide by the ethics of the laboratory.  In our College’s Psychology lab, different types of Intelligence tests (Verbal and Non-verbal), Personality tests, Achievement tests, Creativity tests, Aptitude, Interest, Adjustment Emotional and Intelligence inventories are available. 
Physics Lab:  
College has a spacious and well-equipped Physics Lab. This facilitates students of BSc. to get full practical knowledge of relevant experiment in Physics. The Physics lab has all new appliances and equipments, with Dark Room facility.  
Chemistry Lab: 
The chemistry lab is designed and equipped with ultra modern instruments for the students. It has advanced instruments like UV/VIS, Spectro - Photo Meter, Polarimeter,  pH meter, Calorimeter, conductivity meter, Nephlo-Meter etc.  The Chemistry Lab is divided into Physical, Inorganic and Organic Sections and it caters to the requirements students.
Geography Lab:
Geography lab is well equipped with charts, maps, globe, slides, CDs for various topics of the subject. We also organize field trips for the students to study the natural occurrence of various facts. Students have keen interest in the Geography Lab.

Zoology Lab

Zoology lab of this college has a unique collection of rare specimen and models needed for the students pursuing undergraduate course. Lab is enriched of latest equipments and other materials required for practical work. The lab activities are also extended to field trip of nearby region.



 English Language Lab

Communication is an art one needs to master for interpersonal as well as professional growth. Especially for career advancement, good communication skills are indispensable and communication in the English language has become essential as per the growing needs in the job markets today.
Learning a language is quite different from learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing have to be practiced. The language laboratory plays an important role in the process. It is a technological aid for learning a language. It has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate.
The institution has a well-equipped English Language Lab with all the necessary facilities to enhance the communicative skills of our students.